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Adobe Applications
- 10%
CE431 - Basic Adobe Photoshop
CE432 - Basic Adobe Illustrator
CE433 - Basic Adobe InDesign

Basic CAD + Building Information Modeling (BIM)
- 10%
CE410 - Basic 2D Drafting Using AutoCAD
CE411 - Intermediate 2D Drafting Using AutoCAD
CE430 - Basic Revit
CE438 - Intermediate Revit

Basic Computer Modeling + Visualization
- 10%
CE413 - 3D Modeling and Rendering Using AutoCAD
CE416 - Basic 3ds Max
CE417 - Basic V-Ray for 3ds Max & SketchUp
CE435 - Basic SketchUp

Design Business Practices
- 10%
CE159 - Interior Design: The Numbers Game
CE200 - Telling Your Story: How to Catch an Editor's Eye
CE338 - Working with a Photographer to Capture Your Designs
CE350 - Run Your Design Business Efficiently with StudioWebware
CE354 - Contracts & Agreements: Answering Designer's Questions
CE355 - Expectations & Conflicts: Answering Designer's Questions

Design Center Tours with Judy Sheridan
- 10%
CE154 - Tour the New York Design Center with Judy Sheridan
CE155 - Tour the Decoration & Design Building with Judy Sheridan
CE156 - Tour the Architects & Designers Building with Judy Sheridan
CE157 - Tour the Interior Design Building with Judy Sheridan

Design Entrepreneurship
- 10%
CE909 - The Business of Design: From Vision to Design Practice
CE910 - Business Planning for Your Design Practice
CE911 - Brand Building for Your Design Practice
CE912 - Strategies in Marketing Your Design Practice
CE913 - Strategies in Managing Your Design Practice
CE914 - Future Planning: Scaling Your Design Practice for Growth

Design With Color
- 10%
CE804 - The Art of Choosing Paint Color
CE805 - Creating a Successful Color Scheme
CE806 - Transform an Existing Space with Color

Disconnect + Draw
- 10%
CE169 - Timeless Interiors for Today's Modern World
CE403 - Sketching Techniques for Interior Designers
CE428 - Technical Drawing II: Construction Drawing Fundamentals

Interior Design: Professional Essentials
- 10%
CE050 - Introduction to Interior Design
CE051 - Commercial Interior Design Fundamentals
CE052 - Beauty and the Bold Mission of the Interior Designer
CE139 - History of the Modern Interior
CE143 - Collecting Design: History, Collections, Highlights
CE158 - The Tastemakers
CE427 - Technical Drawing I: Linking the Hand to the Mind

Planning + Design
- 10%
CE447 - Residential Bathroom Design Materials and Surfaces
CE448 - Residential Bathroom Design Fixtures and Fittings
CE449 - Residential Bathroom Design Planning and Layout
CE455 - PreDesign Service Fundamentals Developing a Program
CE456 - PreDesign Services: Workplace Design Strategy

Sketch Up
- 10%
CE435 - Basic SketchUp
CE436 - Intermediate SketchUp
CE437 - Advanced SketchUp

To the Trade
- 10%
CE147 - Insider’s Guide: Sourcing Historic Textiles and Wallcoverings
CE148 - Insider's Guide: Sourcing Rugs
CE149 - Strategies for the Selection and Placement of Art